Can you taste it? Home grown figs are just a container away!

Written By Dave Hanson - July 05 2015


janet Shotton
January 16 2016

Do you sell fig plants or the seed? Having been in Portugal, seeing and eating from the fig tree, this sounds very exciting.

Patricia O'Keefe
November 01 2015

I, too, found this article to be extremely helpful! I purchased my fig because of its unique character ( i like growing “different” plants) but had NO idea it would bear fruit! I was shocked and amazed to find these precious little figs all over this only 18 inch plant. I guess it really liked sitting on my hot, sunny deck all summer! And THANK YOU Dave for telling me about giving it a period of dormancy. Here i was desperately searching for a grow light, thinking i would have to provide a tropical environment for it all winter long. Now i am so relieved that i can just let it go to sleep in my cool basement. You know, i had a 17 foot Ficus Benjamina for 33 years and lost count of how many people asked me if it bore fruit. ( i donated “Ben” to the Red River College downtown because it was just too big to handle anymore)
Now here i have this wee little Fig tree and in my first year, it blesses me with an abundance of fruit!
I am overjoyed with this beautiful, fuzzy little tree!
Thank you for your wealth of knowledge, Dave.

KAthi Wirth
July 07 2015

I found this article to be extremely interesting and very helpful. My fig tree is about 3 years old and is a prolific grower. I will follow the instructions and perhaps next year there will be fruit. Right now it is outdoors in a very hot sunny7 location.. When should my fig be re-potted?

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