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Pre-ordering of outdoor ladybugs and praying mantis egg cases for spring 2021 will begin in December. Ladybug availability dates, as always, are unknown until late spring or even mid-June. Mantis are usually ready for pick up in early May. 

Beneficial insects pre-ordered over the winter are for spring into early summer 2021. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee availability dates for any beneficial insects that are preordered. All dates are estimates. 

Sage Garden has been using beneficial insects as a key aspect of our pest management practices for over 20 years. We also offer several reliable types of beneficial insects for home gardeners to put to work... and have some fun doing it! Beneficial insects are generally available by pre-order, with some general availability of outdoor ladybugs in June and July each season. 

Please note: we are not able to ship any of our beneficial insect selections. Please be sure to choose "local pick-up" at the checkout. 

Pre-order items such as Ladybugs and Praying Mantis do qualify for 10% Member's Discount but not Member's Day Double Discounts.