Organic seed garlic will be available for pre-order again in August, for planting October 2021. Sage Garden does not offer spring seed garlic as it does not fully mature in our climate.  

Sage Garden offers top quality, Canadian grown certified organic seed garlic. This is non-GMO and free from neonic and other pesticides. 

Seed garlic is top graded and inspected for disease before being released, ensuring the best possible results in your garden. The best time to plant hard neck garlic is during the cool-off that happens in early October through to the end of October; planting earlier than this can cause above-ground shoots to grow in fall, which often leads to frost damage or even winter kill. Our growers carefully cure then store the bulbs until close to planting time, at which point we are able to start selling the bulbs in-store, or releasing pre-orders to customers. 

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