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Description: Kale is an easy-to-grow nutritious green and a great way for us cold-climate gardeners to extend the season, as it likes the cool temps in early spring and fall! 'Dwarf Blue' features gorgeous, curled blue-green leaves that hold their color even in severe cold. The uniform low-growing plants are 15" tall and have a 20-35" spread. Ornamental & delicious! High in vitamin A.

Pack Size: 150 seeds

Latin Name: Brassica oleracea
Main Uses: Culinary

Days to Maturity: 53 days baby; 65 days full size
Exposure: Full sun to part shade
Height: 38 cm (15 inches)
Certified Organic: USDA Certified Organic

Germination: 5 - 10 days at 21ºC.
Indoors: 4 weeks before planting out. For best results, apply Sea Magic™ kelp from first watering. Apply a seedling-starter fertilizer such as Evolve Seedling once the second set of true leaves has appeared, and then alternate between the kelp and seedling starter until transplant.
Planting Out: Plant in well-drained fertile soil once seedlings are established 2 - 3 weeks before last frost date.
Outdoors: Direct seed a couple of weeks before last frost, when soil is workable.
Planting Depth: 1/4". Cover lightly.
Spacing: 3" apart in rows 24" apart. When plants are 2" tall, thin to 6".

Growing in Containers: Grows very well in raised beds or very large planters.

Fertilizing (Containers): Plant in a quality, organic-based potting mix with good drainage. Fertilize regularly with an organic plant food. Jobes organic spikes are easy and effective!

Watering (Containers): Check regularly. Water deeply when soil feels dry to the touch.

Growing in Mixed Planters: Not well-suited for mixed planters.

Fertilizing (Garden): Plant in a garden recently amended with quality compost such as Sea Soil. No further fertilizing required.

Watering (Garden): Water plants daily to get roots established (about two weeks). Once established, water only as required.

Harvesting: Cut leaves in 30 days for baby kale. Entire plant can be harvested in 60 days. Multiple sowings will ensure a continuous supply. Flavor is sweeter when leaves get nipped by frost.

Suitability for Indoors: Compact or dwarf varieties of Kale are well-suited for indoors, provided a sunny location. Best for growing as baby greens.

Exposure: Full sun.

What about Grow Lights? T5 or 26w to 54w CFL full-spectrum lights are ideal.

General Indoor Care: Sow fresh seeds indoors in fall, as established Kale does not transfer well from outdoors to inside.

Indoor Container Suggestions: Minimum 6" container.

Winter Fertilizing: Fertilize monthly through winter with an organic plant food.

Winter Watering: Water deeply when soil feels dry to the touch.

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