Seeds - Dill, Mount Adams OG (SGH)


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Description: A must-have for pickling time! Mount Adams is ideal for both flower and seed production. It flowers earlier than other dill varieties. The leaves are good quality for fresh eating.

Pack Size:  0.75 g

Latin Name: Anethum graveolens
Alternative Names: Dill Weed
Main Uses: Culinary
Zone Hardiness: Annual
Exposure: Full sun
Height: 60 cm (24 inches)
Flower Color: Yellow/green
Flowering Time: Mid-summer
Certified Organic: USDA Certified Organic

Germination Instructions: Germination: 8 - 14 days at 21° C.
Sowing: Indoors 4 weeks before planting out. Sow 8 - 12 seeds per cell or plug. For best results, apply  Sea Magic™ kelp from first watering. Apply a seedling-starter fertilizer such as Evolve Seedling once the second set of true leaves has appeared, and then alternate between the kelp and seedling starter until transplant. Outdoors, sow in late May. Dill tolerates cool temperatures. Direct-seeding outdoors is the preferred method for starting Dill.
Planting Depth: Cover lightly.
Planting Out: Plant hardened seedlings in well-drained, fertile soil once soil has warmed.
Growing Tips: Dill grows in clumps, and does not require thinning once seedlings germinate.

Pruning: Cut leafy growth back by up to half at any given time. This annual variety is most productive before flowering, and flowers should be removed as soon as they form (unless seeds are desired, either for collection or naturalized reseeding).

Harvesting: Harvest young dill leaves using sharp scissors. Cut liberally during the peak growing season.

Growing in Containers:  Well-suited to larger pots.

Fertilizing (Containers): Add up to 25% quality compost to your potting mix. This plant loves a higher nitrogen fertilizer - diluted fish fertilizer is an excellent organic choice, applied weekly.

Watering (Containers):  Water deeply when top inch of the soil feels dry to the touch. During hot weather, check pots daily. The addition of up to 20% CocEarth is an excellent organic method for managing water in pots; it holds several times its weight in water. This helps manage both over and under watering!

Growing in Mixed Planters: This variety is wel- suited for larger mixed planters such as a half barrel.

Fertilizing (Garden): Plant in a garden bed recently amended with quality compost. No additional fertilizing is required.

Watering (Garden): Water daily for the first two weeks post transplanting. Check on plants during hot weather, and water if soil is very dry or plants are wilted.

Beneficials Attracted to this Plant: Dill attracts a number of beneficial insects to your garden including Bees, Hoverflies, Ichneumonid Wasps. It is a host plant for Swallowtail Butterflies.

Suitability for Indoors: Not well-suited for indoors, unless under lights.

What about Grow Lights?  Simple fluorescent grow lights allow for year round growth and productivity that would otherwise be impossible in our northern climate. We recommend the ultra efficient and compact T5 units, which are inexpensive and easy to install. Leave lights on 16-18 hours per day to simulate summer daylight conditions.

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