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Description: The ideal red, round beet featuring extraordinary colour and flavour. From The Seed Ambassadors Project in Lithuania. Vigorous leaf growth.

Pack Size: 1.5 grams/ ~150 seeds

Latin Name: Beta vulgaris
Main Uses: Vegetable, both greens and beet

Days to Maturity: 65 days
Exposure: Full sun
Height: 30 cm (12 in.)
Certified Organic: USDA Certified Organic

Germination: 5 - 14 days at 15 - 22°C.
Sowing: Beets are a cool-weather crop and may be sown outdoors two to four weeks before the last frost date, however, keep in mind that plants will bolt if subjected to a severe frost. We recommend sowing beets in mid-May here in Manitoba. A fall crop may be sown in September for the leafy greens.
Pretreatment: Soften the seeds by soaking for 2 hours before planting.
Planting Depth: 1/2” - 3/4” deep. Pat down the soil to ensure very good contact between seed and soil.
Spacing: Sow seeds 2” apart in rows 1 to 2 feet apart. Thin to 3”. Each beet seed is actually a cluster of seeds, so thinning is an absolute must! Thin to 3 - 4” depending on desired size of beet.
Row Spacing: 12 - 24".

Soil and Nutrient Requirements: Beets require loose, well-drained soils. Loosen heavy clay by adding quality compost such as Sea Soil. Addition of Greensand to the garden beds will also help to loosen clay soil.

Growing in Containers: May be grown in large, deep pots or barrels. Add 25% quality compost to the potting mix; fertilize weekly with a high-nitrogen organic plant food such as a fish-based fertilizer.

Fertilizing (Containers): Add 25% quality compost to potting mix; fertilize weekly with a higher-nitrogen organic plant food such as fish-based fertilizer.

Watering (Containers): Water containers deeply when top inch feels dry to the touch. Monitor every day or two during very hot weather.

Garden Companions: Beets provide the soil with healthy nutrients - veggies growing beside the beets will benefit from these extra nutrients. Bush beans add nitrogen to the soil and are a great companion for almost any veggie, including beets.

Growing in Mixed Planters: Looks great in larger mixed planters. Combine with other leafy vegetables or herbs.

Fertilizing (Garden): Plant in a garden bed amended with compost. No additional fertilizer is required.

Watering (Garden): Water to establish (first two weeks). Once established, water weekly to maximize productivity.

Harvesting: For beet greens, start harvesting around five weeks, or when leaves are 3”.

Notes: Beets that are crowded by weeds may become tough and stringy. Avoid soils with a high nitrogen content as too much nitrogen can cause too much leaf growth and not enough root development. Providing even moisture will help prevent cracking.

Suitability for Indoors: Beets are a specialized crop for indoors.

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