Red Radish Sprouting Seeds - Certified Organic


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Size: 100 g

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Mumm's Red Radish sprouts are red-hot! Grow sprouts in 5 days and microgreens for 7-12. 

NOTE - Radish has an extensive fuzzy white root hair system that is sometimes mistaken for mold.

  • Days to Sprout: 4-5 (sprouts); 10-12 (microgreens)
  • Soak Time: 4-6 hours
  • Yield: 1 tbsp of dry seed yields approx. 3-4 cups of sprouts.
  • Sprouting Seeds should be viable for one year after purchasing them as long as they are stored in a cool, dry place. To extend their viability, store in the fridge or even the freezer!

USDA Organic, Canada Organic, Non-GMO


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