Pitcher Plant Sarracenia Red Tube Atropurea - Live Plant

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Best things about this plant are... the vibrant and multicoloured pitchers!

Details: A shorter, more squat variety of Pitcher Plant, the red tube has incredible and colourful pitchers. Pitcher plants can be helpful in dealing with fungus gnats, and  are one of the more easygoing varieties of carnivorous plants. 

Though carnivorous plants have an intimidating reputation, they are incredibly cool and rewarding to grow. Make sure to grow in specific soil - we offer a carnivorous plant mix that is 3 parts peat moss to one part sand!

Container Size: The plants pictured here were photographed in November 2020, and are representative of the available plants. These are in 4" square pots. 

Order Info: Order online or over the phone (204-257-2715) for local pick-up.

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