Philodendron Florida Ghost - Live Plant


  • Philodendron Florida Ghost - Live Plant
  • Philodendron Florida Ghost - Live Plant

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The best things about this plant are... the way the leaves change over time and the amazing look of the plant as it grows up a totem!

We have one Florida Ghost plants available for December 18. Ordering opens at 10 am. Local pick-up only. 

Due to the high demand for our Friday Plant Release inventory items sell out quickly and sales are first come first served. The Shopify e-commerce platform processes carts based on the order customers complete check-out and items can go out of stock while you are checking out (if someone else checks out first). If you are unable to get a popular item this week, rest assured we are growing more for future release. Thanks! 

Details: Florida Ghost is a mysterious, shape-shifting collector's philodendron, with new growth emerging anywhere from pure cream-white to heavily mottled. Young plants have green leaves, and it is not uncommon to see the plant with both variegated and green foliage (completely normal). The plants available from Sage Garden are starting to display leaf changes, but much like a young Monstera, they are still developing their unique mature form. 

Philodendron Florida Ghost thrives under average to warm conditions year-round and is perfectly happy in medium to bright diffused light. Shine or rinse those gorgeous leaves every so often for a truly spectacular look.

Container Size: The plant pictured here was photographed on December 17, 2020, and what you see is exactly what you will get. This plant is well-rooted in a tall root developer pot. Today's plant is getting some new leaves that are just unfurling, so it was harder to photograph... but is a nice one! 

Order Info: Online ordering opens up at 10 am, Friday, December 18, 2020. 

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