Lavender Plug Trays


  • Lavender jumbo plug at Sage Garden
  • 50 cell super deep plug tray at Sage Garden
  • Lavender plug trays in Geothermal greenhouse at Sage Garden
  • Lavender 50 cell plug trays in Geothermal greenhouse at Sage Garden
  • Lavender plug trays blooming at Sage Garden

This variant is currently sold out

Sage Garden has a collection of top cultivars of lavender in propagation, typically in 72 or 50 cell super deep trays. For 2021 we are not taking pre-orders for lavender but will have trays available for general sale after June 15. Local customers can access lavender plug trays beginning in late May. 

Our collection includes top varieties for retail sales or Canadian field production. All plants are grown using OMRI organic soils, compost-based fertilizers and biological root stimulants. 




Betty Blue Lavender (L. angustifolia) A tidy English Lavender with erect flower stalks that do not splay. Excellent for cutting.  SOLD OUT
Folgate Lavender (L. angustifolia) One of the preferred but harder to source English Lavenders for oil production.  50 cell deep
Hidcote Lavender (L. angustifolia) A premium and very hardy English Lavender with dark purple flowers and fine essential oil. Often considered one of the best culinary varieties.  SOLD OUT
Gros Bleu Lavender (L. x intermedia) A tall true Lavandin selection that is more refined than Grosso. 50 cell deep
Grosso Lavender (L. x intermedia) The classic long stem field variety from France! Very popular in zones 5 - 7 in Canada. 50 cell deep
Munstead Lavender (L. angustifolia) This is the hardiest lavender proven over time in many zone 3 gardens. A compact plant with short flower stems.... but all the classic fragrance! SOLD OUT
Phenomenal Lavender (L. x intermedia) The hardiest of the long stem oil lavandins, suitable for zone 5. Very beautiful dark blue purple flowers. The price includes royalties.  50 cell deep
Purple Bouquet Lavender (L. angustifolia) Exceptional English Lavender with very dark purple classic lavender blooms.  SOLD OUT
Royal Velvet Lavender (L. angustifolia)  Top variety for cut flowers, with extra-long flowers that have a two-tone velvety quality that is completely unique among cultivars.  SOLD OUT



We are focusing on our local, pick-up customers going forward. We may be able to accommodate shipping on lavender plug trays after the busy retail season slows down, approximately June 15 onwards. We will not be taking pre-bookings for lavender trays in 2021.


Sage Garden uses all organic growing practices, including the use of beneficial soil microorganisms, OMRI organic soils, compost-based fertilizer and biological pest management. 


Lavender plants are cutting grown. We have sourced named stock material from a variety of reputable suppliers, however, due to naming variance within the industry and the possibility of stock-suppliers using the same name for different plants we recommend testing smaller plots of any given variety before field-planting in volume. Significant variation among named cultivars is possible; since stock material for propagation does not grow-out to maturity (at our greenhouses) in the same way field plants do, it is not possible for Sage Garden to guarantee the characteristics of a given variety. 


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