Fortune's Tea Olive - Live Plant


Sorry, sold out. We look forward to offering this item again soon...

Best things about this plant are... the hard-to-believe-just-how-good-they-smell tiny flowers!

Details: A beautiful ornamental plant great for bonsai lovers. The flowers are white and fragrant, producing an incredible scent combination of orange blossom and vanilla. Thrives in pots, but does well outside during the summer. The flowers bloom in fall, adding a cheery atmosphere wherever you grow your plant.

Grow in bright, direct light. Plants can get quite tall. Water regularly, but avoid soggy soil. Thick-leaf houseplants like this benefit from a trip to the shower about once a month, to remove dust and prevent pests. 

Container Size: The plants pictured here were photographed on November 13, 2020, and are representative of the available plants. These are in 6-inch pots. 

Order Info: Order online or over the phone (204-257-2715) for local pick-up.

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