Calathea Burle Marx - Live Plant


  • Calathea Burle Marx - Live Plant
  • Calathea Burle Marx - Live Plant

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Best things about this plant are... it so much easier to keep happy compared to many Calatheas, not to mention the flashy foliage

Details: The Burle Marx stands out among Calatheas with its wishbone patterned leaves. A stylish addition to any office space. 

Like all Calatheas, this plant requires a little extra TLC to look its best. Care includes avoiding excessively dry air, wiping down the broad leaves to keep dust off and finding a good balance between deep watering and allowing the soil to dry a just little. Light wise, this is a houseplant that is happiest in medium to low light.

Container Size: The plants pictured here were photographed on November 13, 2020, and are representative of the available plants. These are in quart pots. 

Order Info: Order online or over the phone (204-257-2715) for local pick-up.

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