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Botanical name: Hippeastrum 'Charisma'

Description: This large-flowered bulb can only be described as a work of natural art! The flowers have a textured, painterly pattern and the large amaryllis bulbs offered at Sage Garden typically produce two flowers per bulb. 

Growing Instructions: The best time to plant these flowering beauties is in October or early November. They take 6 - 10 weeks to flower, meaning they can bloom just in time for the Holidays!

Set the bulb in a well-draining medium like a good quality compost-based potting mix (like our All-Purpose organic potting mix) or Leca. Ensure the top two-thirds of the bulb are exposed.  It is important that the bulb sits high on the medium. Choose a container that is relatively tight around the bulb and, if using a soil-based medium, have drainage holes. Only water the bulb when the medium is completely dry. Too much water initially can cause the bulb to rot. Keep the plant in a bright spot (avoiding direct sunlight) and periodically rotate the plant to prevent leaning.  

Some people prefer to force their amaryllis in a vase, using decorative stones and a little water as opposed to soil. In this case, just be sure the bulb is not sitting directly in water and plan to repot to soil after blooming so that the plant can recharge for the next season's flowers. 

Once flowering is finished, cut the flower stalk 5-10 cm above the bulb, making sure not to trim the foliage. Water when the compost is dry. Come early autumn (around Labour Day) stop watering entirely and place the plant in a dry dark spot, allowing it to die back and go dormant. In late October or early November, move your potted bulb back to a bright location and follow the steps described above - then enjoy a new season of spectacular booms!  

Package Size: 1 bulb
Bloom Time:  December to February (6 - 10 weeks after planting)
Height: 50 - 60 cm
Exposure:  Indirect bright light

Bulb Size: 34-36

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