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Order early! Pallet and half pallets of Sea Soil can be pre-ordered for pick-up in spring. Ordering early ensures availability during the busy month (we may not be able to sell pallets and half pallets once the spring rush has started, due to the need to make use of the compost in ou production, and for regular retail sales). You SAVE by purchasing at the discounted/wholesale pallet and half pallet price. 

These are available for pick-up from our location in April - November. Due to the weight of a pallet (around 2,000 lbs) it is not cost-effective to have bulk Sea Soil delivered locally. We are able to assist with loading, provided you call ahead to confirm pick-up date/time.  

Please note: Pallet & half pallet pricing on Sea Soil are wholesale prices so there are no additional discounts (MEMBERSHIP, SCHOOLS, LANDSCAPE) available on these.