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Sea Soil is a gardener's best friend! Sea Soil is fish (no odour!) and forestry fines blended and composted for two years to produce an amazing soil builder. Sea Soil is OMRI listed organic and has been approved for use in certified organic production. Plants love Sea Soil.

At Sage Garden we blend a minimum of 10% - 20% Sea Soil into all of our production soil mixes - plants love the slow release nutrients and structure enhancing qualities of this compost! 

For home gardeners Sea Soil is a wonderful and highly effective soil amendment for use with herbs, veggies, tropicals and patio plants, houseplants, perennial beds beds, ornamental pots... you get the idea... it is very versatile and benefits most plants and planting situations

Sea Soil is available in 32 L bags. We offer price breaks starting at 5 bags, for half pallets (32 bags) and full pallets (63 bags). Sage Garden is the distributor for Sea Soil in Manitoba.