Evolve Organic All-Purpose Fertilizer


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Use EVOLVE  All Purpose on all your plants!  It's easy to grow organic!

EVOLVE All Purpose organic fertilizer is derived from digested vegetable meal, bat guano, citric acid and kelp meal.​​ Starting in spring 2021, Evolve All-Purpose will be fully vegan (no bat guano or any other animal products). 

Perfect for: tropical houseplants, succulents, established seedlings and cuttings (after several sets of true leaves; otherwise Evolve Seedling Starter is recommended), vegetables and outdoor plants. 

Application: 5-10 ml per litre of water, every two weeks during the active growing season, or for indoor plants under lights. For houseplants and succulents, use half-strength half as often. 

1 L Liquid: 3-1-2

10L Liquid: 3-1-2

900g Granular: 4-4-4 

Available for Local Pick-up only.

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