Venus Flytrap King Henry - Live Plant

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Best things about this plant are... well, it is carnivorous and thrives in terrariums

Details: A favourite at Sage Garden, the Venus Flytrap is a famously fascinating plant to grow. King Henry is the classic bright green, and the insides of the traps can be a light red. Though they have a reputation for being difficult, any gardener can grow one with the right amount of patience and attention.

Flytraps need bright, diffused light and damp soil. Make sure your plant is not sitting in soggy soil - you don't want the roots to rot! Don't force-feed the traps, instead let them find prey on their own. When watering use distilled water or rainwater.

Container Size: The plants pictured here were photographed on November 13, 2020, and are representative of the available plants. These are in 2" pots.

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