Sansevieria Dwarf Samurai - Live Plant

  • Sansevieria Dwarf Samurai - Live Plant
  • Sansevieria Dwarf Samurai - Live Plant

This item may be out of season or currently out of stock. Please check back.

Best things about this plant are... the incredible toughness of this houseplant and the truly sword-like foliage

We have one well-established Dwarf Samurai in a 6" pot available for November 27. Ordering opens at 10 am.

Due to the high demand for our Friday Plant Release inventory items sell out quickly and sales are first come first served. The Shopify e-commerce platform processes carts based on the order customers complete check-out and items can go out of stock while you are checking out (if someone else checks out first). If you are unable to get a popular item this week, rest assured we are growing more for future release. Thanks! 

Details: Okay, this one actually feels a little dangerous! The foliage is very sturdy and ends in a sharp tip. The cat won't want to mess with this plant... 

Dwarf Samurai Sansevieria grows best in medium to bright diffused light but will tolerate low light for extended periods (grows more slowly). As with all potted plants, we strongly recommend potting into containers with excellent drainage, compost-based potting soil and to fertilize several times per year with all-purpose organic plant food. 

Container Size: The plant pictured here was photographed on November 26, 2020, and is the exact plant available for our November 27 Rare Plant Release. This plant is very well established in a 6" square container. 

Order Info: Ordering opens online at 10 am, November 27, for local pick-up.

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