Typha Sustainable Garden Mulch & Soil Amendment - 2.4 Cubic Foot Bale


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Typha is a dried and processed cattail stems sustainably harvested from the wetlands around Lake Winnipeg. This mulch and soil amendment is not only great for your plants and garden, but also helps improve ecological health in Lake Winnipeg by removing biomass (the cattails), which otherwise contribute to the problem of algae blooms when they decompose in the wetlands.

Typha is very clean, does not contain live weed seeds and is made exclusively from the fibrous stalks of cattails (no fluffy tops).

This product is set to become a true "local hero"!

Applications for the home gardener:

  • Top notch mulch for all types of gardens, including veggie, herb, flower and perennial gardens. Applied over the soil, Typha suppresses weeds and helps maintain even soil moisture - vital for plant health and also to reduce water usage. Helps improve the soil over time when left in place at the end of the season.
  • Ideal amendment for building healthy soils
  • Amendment for potting mixes to reduce the amount of peat moss used in horticultural practice
  • To help encourage seedling establishment when germinating lawn seed

Coverage: One 2.4 cubic foot bag covers between 80 and 160 square feet of garden, depending on the mulching depth (1 - 2 inches) - Leave Typha mulch on the ground in fall, as it is an excellent soil builder and contributes nutrients to your garden. 

In potting mix to replace peat: use 10% - 20% Typha incorporated into a peat-based potting soil, or raised bed mix. Current research shows plants grown in this peat-reduced option perform beautifully while helping reduce the amount of non-renewable resources used in horticultural practices. 

Please Note: Due to the bulkiness of this product, Typha bales are only available for local pick up (no shipping)

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