The Life in Your Garden: Gardening for Biodiversity


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Author: Reeser Manley

Publisher: Tilbury House Publishers

ISBN: 9780884484721

Page Count: 320

Saving the planet one garden at a time.

Gardeners can play a significant role in helping to sustain native plant diversity and providing refuge for threatened species of insects and sanctuary for birds, amphibians, reptiles, and small mammals.

Horticulture experts Reeser Manley and Marjorie Peronto share their own experiences in gardening for biodiversity, placing a strong emphasis on insect diversity as a bellwether of success. Insects comprise 60 percent of Earth’s biodiversity, and they deserve to be recognized as the creatures that run our gardens. It is not the gardener’s job to eliminate insects that munch on leaves, suck the sap from stems, bore holes in fruits, or graze on roots. This is the work of predatory insects and arachnids such as ladybug beetles, hoverfly larvae, praying mantises, certain wasps, and spiders. It is the gardener’s task to cultivate populations of these predators. The Life in Your Garden also describes the functional plants of a garden (with recommendations for understory trees and shrubs throughout North America) and their relationship with garden life, introducing the concept of a “garden insectary.”

That a gardener can be an important steward for our planet is a powerful concept, and here at last is the book that shows us how.

Let wild pollinators into your garden.
Nurture butterfly, bird and animal life.
Encourage insect diversity for self-regulating ecosystem in the garden to help prevent mass extinction.
No more rototiller use.
Convert lawn to garden.
Create a biorefuge with annuals, perennials, and native trees and herbaceous plants.
A book for all of North America.

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