Seeds - Zinnia, Queen Lime with Blush OG (F)



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Description: This is hands-down one of the must-grow flowers in any cutting garden! The large, sturdy blooms have an eccentric yet perfectly matched combination of salmony-orange and lime green colours in each bloom. The plants are easy to grow and so many types of beneficial insects and pollinators seek this beauty out. The more you harvest the more blooms you get. 

Pack Size: 50 seeds

Latin Name: Zinnia elegans
Main Uses: Ornamental and cut flower

Zone Hardiness: Annual (reseeding)
Exposure: Full sun
Height: 100 - 125 cm (40 - 50")
Flower Color: Orange and lime green
Flowering Time: All summer
Certified Organic: USDA Certified Organic

Germination: 3 - 7 days at 21° C.

Indoors: Zinnias are warm-climate plants that germinate best when soil and air temperatures are warm. In short-season climates it is best to sow zinnias indoors, which is easy to do, 4 - 6 weeks before safe planting out time (first week of June in southern Manitoba).

Zinnias do not like to be handled during transplanting and should therefore be sown directly to small, plantable starter pots that will go into the ground with the plant. Sow 1 - 2 seeds per pot.

We recommend applying a kelp supplement such as Sea Magic starting at time of sowing, then weekly through the growing season. A transplant fertilizer such as Evolve Seedling starter can be alternated with the kelp on a bi-weekly basis once the second set of true leaves have emerged.

Growing in Containers: Well suited to larger pots, 30 cm (12") and up.

Fertilizing (Containers): Feed with a bloom-oriented organic fertilizer such as Evolve Fish Bloom 2-3-1, applying weekly through the growing season for maximum plant vigour. 

Watering (Containers): Zinnias are more drought-resistant than many annual flowers, but benefit from deep watering every 4  - 6 days when grown in containers (of course, if plants look drought-stressed, water sooner).  

Growing in Mixed Planters: Well suited to larger mixed planters. 

Fertilizing (Garden): Amend garden soil with compost annually. No further fertilizer required.

Watering (Garden): Water regularly to establish. Water mature plants weekly during hot weather. 

Beneficials Attracted to this Plant: Many butterflies

Suitability for Indoors: Not suited for indoors.

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