Seeds - Pea, Spotlight Mix (Snow Pea) OG (F)


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Description: Large, sweet snow peas, both purple and green!  About half the pods are bright emerald green, half are deep burgundy purple and you’ll find a few beautifully variegated both colours. 


  • Peas are a cool-season annual in the Leguminosae family, which includes beans, garbanzos, lentils, and peanuts.
  • Snow Peas have a sweet a delectable pod and are harvested while peas are still small.
Pack Size: 50 seeds

    Latin Name: Pisum sativum
    Alternative Names: Snow Pea
    Main Uses: Culinary
    Days to Maturity: 58 - 66 days
    Exposure: Full sun
    Height: Vines up to 7'
    Certified Organic: USDA Certified Organic

    Germination: 3 - 7 days at 15 - 18°C.
    Sowing: Indoors: For windowsill peas, sow March to April. Apply Sea Magic from first watering. Fertilize regularly with an all-purpose organic fertilizer.
    Outdoors: Sow seeds as soon as the soil can be worked. Ideal soil temperature is 15º C.
    Seed Depth: 1 - 2”.
    Seed Spacing: Sow seeds 1” to 1 1/2” apart in rows 8 - 12” apart. No need for thinning as pea plants like to be crowded.

    Growing in Containers:  Compact and well suited for containers due to height (2.5'-3' tall), and work well in raised beds.

    Growing in Mixed Planters: Not well-suited for mixed planters.

    Fertilizing (Garden): Plant in a garden bed amended with compost. No additional fertilizer is required.

    Watering (Garden): Water new transplants regularly to establish roots. Once established, water deeply as required.

    Garden Companions:
    Vegetable Companions: Beans, Carrot, Chives,  Celery, Corn, Cucumber,  Eggplant, Lettuce, Parsley, Radish, Spinach, Tomato, Turnip, Strawberry, Sweet Pepper, Turnips
    Flowering Companions: Marigold, Pansy, Petunia, Sweet Alyssum, and Calendula

    Notes: There are three types of peas - shell, snow and snap. Shell peas, like the name suggests, are shelled prior to eating. Snow peas have tender, sweet pods which are harvested when the peas are still small. Snap peas have succulent pods and are harvested and eaten whole once the peas have become plump.

    Note: Peas require a trellis or netting.

    Suitability for indoors: Dwarf varieties may be grown in the windowsill in spring.

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