Seeds - Mustard, Green Wave (Greens) OG (HM)



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Description: Bright green colour adds contrast to salad mixes - and a bit of heat. Baby leaves are flat with softly-serrated edges. At full size, leaf margins become heavily serrated and frilly. Extremely slow to bolt. High-yielding and reliable "workhorse" variety.

Pack Size: 0.89 g (1/32 oz)

Latin Name: Brassica juncea
Main Uses: Culinary, greens
Zone Hardiness: Annual
Exposure: Full sun
Height: 21 baby
Certified Organic: USDA Certified Organic

Germination: 7 days at 15 - 20°C.
Sowing: Indoors, sow any time of the year for microgreens or baby-cut greens. Outdoors, direct seed once the risk of frost has passed. Plant every two weeks for continual harvest. 
Planting depth: 1/4"
Spacing: 6" (60 seeds per foot for baby greens/ 12 seeds per foot for full-sized plants). Leave 18" between rows.

Growing in Containers: Grows very well in larger containers and raised beds.

Fertilizing (Containers): Add 25% quality compost to potting mix; fertilize weekly with a higher nitrogen organic plant food such as fish-based fertilizer.

Watering (Containers): Water deeply when the top inch of soil feels dry to the touch. Check every day or two during very hot weather.

Growing in Mixed Planters: Grows very well in larger mixed planters and raised beds - think square-foot gardening!

Fertilizing (Garden): Plant in a garden bed amended with compost. No additional fertilizer is required.

Watering (Garden): Water evenly - very important!

Garden Companions: 

  • Plant with low-growing flowers such as Sweet Alyssum, Nasturtium and Marigold. Likes strong herbs, including Rosemary, Sage, and Thyme.
  • Good Neighbours: Beans, Strawberry, and Tomatoes.

Suitability for Indoors: Can be grown indoors under lights or a very bright window.

What about Grow Lights? Full-spectrum grow lights are required to harvest regularly indoors through winter.

Indoor Container Suggestions: Shallow trays work very well for micro or baby greens.

Winter Fertilizing: Plant in a composty mix.

Special Instructions: Indoor Mustards should be treated as a loose leaf, cut-and-come-again crop.

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