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Sorry, sold out. We look forward to offering this item again soon...

SOLD OUT for this week, more growing right now. Best things about this plant are... the graceful dark green foliage and ability to grow beautifully on a totem!

We have about twenty lovely Monstera Peru available for our Wednesday, November 18, 2020. The order link will go live at 10 am Central Time. Orders are for contactless curbside pickup only - no shipping. Pickup available Tuesday - Saturday 10 - 5 / Sunday 12 - 5. Thanks!

Details: Monstera karstenianum sp. Peru is a collector's houseplant! The leaves and growth habit are completely different from M. deliciosa and M. adansonii, with a silvery patina that is reminiscent of some of the interesting Piper and Scindapsus houseplant species. Most home-growers report that Monstera Peru is a co-operative houseplant that can be grown on a pole of allowed to vine free-form.

Monstera karstenianum sp. Peru prefers a location away from excessive direct sunlight, although it does require a bright location diffused-light location to be at its best. As with all potted plants, we strongly recommend potting into containers with excellent drainage, compost-based potting soil and to fertilize several times per year with all-purpose organic plant food. Foliage plants benefit from regular showering with fast-flowing freshwater... literally, take them for a shower every month or so! Showering removes dust and helps ensure a pest-free growth indoors.

Container Size: The plant pictured here was were photographed on November 17, 2020, and are representative of the available plants. These are in quart pots. All Monstera Peru available for November 18, 2020, Wednesday Plant Release have at least four leaves and are well established, cutting grown plants. It is common for Montera Peru to show some yellowing on the leaves; this is related to how much sun it is getting and how warm it is. 

Order Info: Order online or over the phone (204-257-2715) for local pick-up.

No shipping. 

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