Live Plant - Fig, Kadota


  • Live Plant - Fig, Kadota
  • Live Plant - Fig, Kadota

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Botanical Name:  Ficus carica

Details: Sweet fruit is light-yellow skinned with amber flesh, maturing as a fall crop. Kadota figs are popular for drying. Potted figs require exposure to cool fall conditions to promote fruiting the next season.  

Care: Figs grow best in deep pots, and benefit from annual repotting or root pruning. Provide rich organic soil, and feed regularly during the fig's active growing season with a fertilizer high in nitrogen. Like many other fruiting plants figs benefit from trace minerals in the form of glacial rock dust. 

Figs require a period of full dormancy to produce fruit. To initiate your plant's dormancy, let the plant experience cool temperatures outdoors in early fall and in September begin to reduce your watering by half. The fig's leaves will turn yellow and drop only leaving their tip growth for a number of months. During his time water your plant monthly and discontinue the use of fertilizer. Keep your fig near a natural light source, and it will begin to regrow when it's ready. 

Zone: 7

Exposure: Full sun

Height: 100+ cm

Container Size: 6-inch square fibre

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