Bokashi Bio Buddies - Compost Accelerator - 600 g


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What is Bokashi?

Bokashi is a zero-waste method used to ferment organic waste into a valuable soil amendment.  This technique originated in Japan but has since spread globally.

The Bokashi Bio Buddy also referred to as "Bokashi Bran" is an inoculant that consists of sawdust, coffee, and other organic by-products. Fermentation microbes are cultured onto the dry substrate. 

This composting style stands out from the others because it uses anaerobic (without air) microbes instead of aerobic (with air) microbes. This results in the compost being near-odorless, with higher retention of atmospheric nutrients that will be delivered directly to your soil.

This style is also more low maintenance and takes up less space than other composting techniques. Another attractive feature is that it allows you to compost items like meat and dairy which you would want to keep out of your traditional compost bins. 

This 600g bag is enough to save 25 to 50 kg of waste from our landfills
and prevent 2 to 4 kg of methane



  • Food grade bucket
  • Some paper, newspaper, or cardboard to soak up the excess liquid
  • Organic materials; this can be any food waste (including meat and dairy) or yard waste

Step 1: 

Place some newspaper at the bottom of your bucket, then add your organic material. Sprinkle a bit of Bokashi Bean each time you add to the container (roughly 1/8 cup inoculant: 2 cups organic waste). Make sure to squish down your organic material with either a plate or your hand to push out any excess air.

Keep an eye on the moisture content. If you observe high amounts of condensation on the lid or liquid in the bottom, add more paper and squish it in to soak the liquid up.

Continue to layer until the bucket is full. During the fermentation process keep your bucket at room temperature (21°C - 23°C) and out of the direct sunlight.

Note - Alternatively if your bucket has a spigot at the bottom you won't need to add any paper products. Simply drain the excess liquid routinely. This liquid is referred to as Fertilizer Tea and can be used on your houseplants. Mix 1 cup of fertilizer tea with every 2 gallons of water.

Step 2:

After the bucket is full you will want to let it sit and ferment for another two weeks.

Now that it has fermented long enough, you have 2 options.

Option A - Find a fallow spot in your garden and dig a hole about 8-10" deep and wide. Then wait 2-3 weeks while it finishes decomposing using aerobic bacterium, then you can plant directly on top of it or mix it in with your other plants. 

If you don't have access to a garden not to worry! Take a large container of soil and dig the compost into it. Then you can use inoculated soil to plant directly into or dig into the edges of potted plants.

Option B - Mix the bokashi compost in with your pre-existing compost bin outside. Then wait 2-3 weeks while it finishes decomposing using aerobic bacterium before mixing it in with the rest of your garden.


In the winter simply keep your buckets of compost in a sheltered spot such as a garage, shed, or even under some tarp on your balcony. The microbes will go dormant once they freeze. Once the soil is workable in the spring you can dig it in, and the microbes will revive.

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