Wonderfully Weird Plant Subscription Box (April - September)


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Cold weather delayed shipping during April - now running May through October. First plants being sent out on Monday, May 13, 2019

Okay, so you really want to grow things that are different! 

This subscription box is an amazing opportunity to get plants not normally available through local garden centres. Some will be edible, some will be charming or beautiful. Some will be just strange and others very rare. All can be grown in pots (and some cases also in the garden) anywhere in Canada, and we will share everything we know about each so you can get the most out of growing them.

Not only will you get our curated collections of sustainably grown plants each month, you get a full web-based workshop on the theme for each month. You can watch on any connected device at your convenience, and ask any questions through the private Facebook group associated with your subscription box. By the end of the six months you will have grown things most people only see on Instagram, if they are lucky! 

A few of the things you will learn through this experience:

  • How to care for plants that come from a variety of climates
  • How to keep spring/summer plants going indoors at the end of the season
  • How to grow plants that most people don't have in their gardens (or pots)
  • How to grow 100% organically 
  • How to keep plants looking great through the heat of summer
  • How to feed plants without stress
  • How to trouble shoot indoor and outdoor plant challenges
  • How to go from good to great with your plants
  • How to enjoy plants year round


How many months do I get plants? This subscription runs for six months.

How many plants do I get each month? Most months you get three different plants (but may be slightly more or less depending on the month's theme), plus the web-based workshop and custom growing information for each theme

Are there any shipping fees? Shipping is included in the price. 

Is this subscription box available outside of Winnipeg? Yes! We can ship the plants directly to participants anywhere in Canada. The web-workshops are available exclusively to subscribers, and available across Canada. The information is relevant regardless of your climate.

Is an outdoor garden required for this subscription box? All of the plants and lessons for this subscription box work in container gardens, but we do recommend that plants for April through July be grown outdoors; August and September selections are houseplants.

Please note: a physical address is required for shipping - PO Box address do not work for live plant deliveries.

Theme for each month:

April - Unusual edibles

May - Weird flowers

June - Architectural plants

July - Summer glory

August - Houseplant

September - Houseplant

(images are not necessarily of plant varieties that will be included)

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