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Description: Sunberry, or Wonderberry, is an heirloom from the early 1900’s. It was developed by plant breeder Luther Burbank who also developed still-popular garden favorites such as the Burbank tomato and Russet Burbank potatoes. The easy-to-grow plants produce masses of small black-purple berries that are related to huckleberries. According to horticulturalist Laure Ruhmann, they are ready to harvest when the skin becomes dull and the tops of the petals holding the berries turns from green to light yellow. The ripe fruits can be eaten fresh or made into jams and pies.

Pack Size: 50 seeds

Latin Name: Solanum burbankii
Alternative Names: Wonderberry
Main Uses: Culinary - particularly good for jams, preserves and pies

Days to Maturity: 50 - 75 days
Exposure: Full sun
Height: 90 cm (36 inches)
Flower Color: White (insignificant)
Flowering Time: Summer

Certified Organic: USDA Certified Organic

Germination Instructions: Sow seeds indoors ¼" deep, 6 - 8 weeks before the average last frost dates. Once hardened off and once all chance of frost has passed,  transplant outdoors and plant 24" apart in rows 36" apart. Sunberries tolerate a wide variety of climates and conditions, but do not tolerate frost. Plants are self-supporting, but sprawl over a large area. Cage or trellis when space is limited.

Growing in Containers: Well suited to larger pots (12 inches and up)

Fertilizing (Containers): Feed with balanced organic fertilizer through season.

Watering (Containers): Water deeply when soil feels dry to the touch.

Growing in Mixed Planters: Not well suited for mixed planters.

Fertilizing (Garden): Amend garden soil with compost annually. No further fertilizer required.

Watering (Garden): Water deeply to establish, then monitor during periods of drought.

Suitability for Indoors: Not well suited for indoors - may be grown as a specialized crop.

Exposure: Full sun or grow lights.

What about Grow Lights? T5 or 26 - 54w CFL full spectrum lights are ideal

General Indoor Care: Start fresh plants in late summer/fall or move established plants indoors in late summer before cool nights set in.

Indoor Container Suggestions: Minimum 6 inch container with drainage.

Winter Fertilizing: Fertilize monthly through winter with an organic plant food

Winter Watering: Water deeply when soil feels dry to the touch.

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