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Description: Growing peanuts is something that many of us have wondered about... now is your chance to do it. This selection is adapted to grow in short-season gardens and produces fully edible, delicious peanuts. Fun fact - you can eat peanuts without roasting and they are more like pea! 

Pack Size: 15 seeds (sows a 12' row)

Latin Name: Arachis hypogaea
Main Uses: Culinary
Days to Maturity: 100
Exposure: Full sun
Height: 45 cm (1.5')
Certified Organic: USDA Certified Organic

Germination: 14 - 21 days at 21°C. 
Sow: Indoors, peanuts can be started anywhere from 10 - 4 weeks before your last frost date. At Sage Garden we tend to start peanuts early, similar to hot peppers. That said, short-season gardeners in many parts of Canada will direct seed peanuts in a time frame similar to beans (soil has to be warm). The risk of direct seeding is not quite having the required months to develop the biggest crop, or needing to use row covers to speed up growth during the summer and into fall. To sow, just press firmly into your soil/seeding mix and water. 
Spacing: Space seedlings 30 cm (1') apart. 

Harvesting: Peanuts are harvested after they experience a noticeable fall frost and the tops look scruffy. Ideally, protect plants from any early frosts to take advantage of warms September weather to finish the crop. Once ready to harvest, simply pull plants (carefully) from the soil and hang to cure for about two weeks in a well-ventillated space. 

Growing in Containers: Only works in large containers like half barrels.
Growing in Mixed Planters: Not suited for mixed planters.

Fertilizing (Garden): Plant into a garden bed that has loose, organically-high soil but without excessive nitrogen (peanuts are legumes that fix nitrogen from the air). 

Watering (Garden): Water evenly through the season.

Garden Companions: 

  • Peanuts like to grow solo without competition

Suitability for Indoors: Not suited for indoors as a productive crop but possibly a fun plant to watch grow indoors or to experiment with. Requires lots of heat and sun. 

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