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Description: A very cheery Victorian mixture reselected from an heirloom collection preserved by Kees Sahin, a dedicated Dutch seed collector (he has over 13,000 pansies varieties!). The flowers are reminiscent of little smiling faces with distinct whiskers. Very cute!

SGH recommends Pansies and Violas as edible flowers. When grown free from chemicals, the flowers can be added to salads, candied, preserved in ice cubes and much more. The flowers have a light wintergreen flavour.

Pack Size: 50 seeds

Latin Name: Viola x wittrockiana
Main Uses: Edible Flower, ornamental
Zone Hardiness: Self-seeding biennial
Exposure: Part sun to part shade
Height: 15 - 25 cm (6 - 10 inches)
Flower Color: Mixed
Flowering Time: Spring through fall, if dead-headed

Germination: 10- 14 days at 21° C.
Sowing Indoors: 12 - 14 weeks before last frost date. Sow 2 - 3 seeds per cell or plug. For best results, apply Sea Magic™ kelp from first watering. Apply a seedling-starter fertilizer such as Evolve Seedling once the second set of true leaves has appeared, and then alternate between the kelp and seedling starter until transplant. Seeds germinate best in the dark.
Planting depth: 1/4" deep. Cover lightly with soil. Transplant outdoors when the spring temperatures are still cool and a light frost is possible. Plants enjoy cool rich soil.

Growing in Containers: Very well suited for containers, 8 inches and up.

Fertilizing (Containers): Plant in a quality, organic-based potting mix with good drainage. Use an organic bloom boost fertilizer to maximize flowering.

Watering (Containers): Check regularly. Water deeply when soil feels dry to the touch.

Growing in Mixed Planters: Well-suited for larger mixed planters. This variety does well in multi-pocket planters such as a strawberry pot.

Fertilizing (Garden): Plant in a garden recently amended with compost. Application of Sea Magic kelp supplement is beneficial.

Watering (Garden): Water daily for the first two weeks post transplanting. Check on plants during hot weather, and water if soil is very dry or plants are wilty.

Suitability for Indoors: Not suited for indoors.

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