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As silky and sweet as spinach, but easier to grow.

The artwork on this pack completes a sort of interruption the narrow vantage offered by a vintage Japanese stamp. It imagines the parasoled lady on a stroll in a field of Komatsuna, also known as Mustard Spinach, Japanese Spinach, or Tendergreen. Among her are all stages of the crop: young, flowering, gone to seed. You can reproduce this full spectrum scene in your own garden by letting some plants live on without the interruption of harvest: they will flower and go to seed self-sowing a second generation for delicious fall greens.

Komatsuna is a favorite for Asian greens. You can plant it from early spring through fall and eat the leaves, stems, and even flower heads.  You can use the leaves fresh when young. Wilt or braise when more mature for an unbeatably tender, melting, bright-green, sweet mild mustardy treat! Delicious, highly nutritious (plenty of calcium), and a beautiful, light-green, shiny addition to any garden. If you try one new leafy vegetable this year, make it Komatsuna.


Pack Size: 250 seeds

Germination Rate: 5-10 days

Days to Maturity: 35

Latin Name: Brassica japonica
Main Uses: Leafy salad green
Days to Maturity: 21 days to baby size/ 35 days to maturity
Exposure: Full sun
Height: 10 - 45 cm depending on preferred size at harvest.
Certified Organic: USDA Certified Organic

Germination: 5 - 10 days at 15 - 20°C.
Sowing: Indoors 2 - 3 weeks before the last frost. Outdoors, direct seed once the risk of frost has passed. Plant every two weeks for continual harvest. Try growing indoors over the winter!
Planting depth: 1/4".
Spacing: 6".
Notes: Clumps can often be cut four or five times before they run to seed. Young leaves are used raw, older leaves are best lightly cooked.

Harvesting: For baby greens, harvest early (20 days). For mature leaves, harvest at 40 days. Cut often, as the leaves will regrow quickly.

Growing in Containers: Grows very well in larger containers and raised beds.

Watering (Containers): Water containers deeply when top inch feels dry to the touch. Monitor every day or two during very hot weather.

Growing in Mixed Planters: This variety is well-suited for larger mixed planters such as half barrels.

Fertilizing (Garden): Plant in a garden recently amended with compost. Application of Sea Magic kelp supplement is beneficial.

Watering (Garden): Water daily for the first two weeks post transplanting. Check on plants during hot weather, and water if the soil is very dry or plants are wilted.

Garden Companions:
  • Plant with low-growing flowers such as Sweet Alyssum, Nasturtium and Marigold. Likes strong herbs, including Rosemary, Sage and Thyme.
  • Good neighbours: Beans, Strawberry and Tomatoes.

Notes: Use fresh, or sautée lightly to increase sweetness.

Suitability for Indoors: Can be grown indoors, provided strong daylight or use of full-spectrum grow lights, such as T5 lights.

What about Grow Lights? Grow lights will improve indoor growth.

Indoor Container Suggestions: Shallow bulb pan or recycled grocery containers with drainage holes punched out.

Special Instructions: Indoor Komatsuna 
should be treated as a loose-leaf, cut-and-come-again crop.

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