Seeds - Art Pack - Poppy, Breadseed (Organic)

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  • Seeds - Art Pack - Poppy, Breadseed (Organic)
  • Seeds - Art Pack - Poppy, Breadseed (Organic)

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Description: Adored both as a culinary herb (the seeds) and a gorgeous garden annual. The blue-green seed pods are almost as ornamental as the papery purple petals of the flowers!

Breadseed poppies will re-seed themselves in the garden if you allow some pods to mature and remain in the garden over winter. 

The best way to sow these is to direct seed into the early spring garden, as soon as the soil can be lightly worked but while temperatures are still cool. Surface sow or gently press into the soil. Sprinkle a little moistened compost or light soil over the area to help the seeds stay in place. 

This type of poppy is very difficult to successfully start indoors and transfer to the garden, so we strongly recommend direct seeding outdoors. 

Artwork by Girija Kaimal. The tissue paper-like transparency of poppy petals is captured through Girija's style of scratching through layers of pastels and paints. The ephemeral feeling of her work reflects the blooms that open and float away within a day.

Pack Size: 200 seeds

Seed Source: Certified Organic

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