Organic Curled Parsley - 5g


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Pack Size: 5 g (approximately 2500 seeds). Grow up to eight 11 x 11" trays from each pack.

Description: Organic seeds for growing baby greens indoors through winter. Parsley is a staple in the kitchen and used in a wide variety of fresh recipes. Our parsley is a compact curled type that lends its self to growing as a baby green. Compared to many types of baby greens, parsley can grow for an extended period indoors and could even be transplanted up to larger pots or the garden in spring! Fresh parsley is a great source of iron, vitamin C and vitamin K as well as the antioxidant beta carotene.

Easy steps for growing parsley greens indoors through winter:

  • Parsley grows most productively under full spectrum (6400K) grow lights. We recommend Sunblaster T5 lighting. Grow lights should be maintained 6 - 12” above plant tops and should be on 16 - 18 hours per day.
  • During the months where daylight-hours are low parsley can also be grown in a very sun window if grow lights are not available.
  • Parsley grows very well in shallow containers with drainage. We often use 11 x 11” or 10 x 20” trays. Other ideas include recycled clam shells from store-bought greens or recycled flower pots. Parsley will grow taller if it gets a little more container depth, so you can also use deeper containers (3 - 5" tall). 
  • For completely easy baby greens use a composty soil. We use an organic potting mix  blended with Sea Soil compost at a 60 / 40 ratio. By building in high quality compost you can avoid any need for additional fertilizing.
  • Parsley takes 7 - 14 days to germinate. The ideal temperature for germination is 14 - 25º C; bottom heat will speed up germination and encourage faster seedling development. Parsley is able to germinate at temperatures as low as 4º C so it is a green that thrives where cool temperatures prevail. 
  • Wet your soil medium before sowing then sprinkle seeds onto soil surface at approximately 300 seeds per 11 x 11” tray. Press seeds gently into soil surface and spritz (or carefully water) to fully moisten.
  • Check on seeds every few days to notice when they are starting to germinate. Maintain soil moisture without allowing the mix to be soggy.
  • Parsley will grow as a baby green for approximately twelve weeks before a new crop needs to take over. Sow new trays every month to keep a constant supply. If desired the plants can be potted-up or transplanted to the garden come spring.

    Additional Tips:

    • Great air circulation around your indoor garden makes everything better! If you are growing lots of plants indoors consider adding a small fan to your set-up.
    • If using humidity domes over your trays: be sure to leave these off for at least one hour per day to allow for air circulation.
    • Pests rarely occur on baby greens but it is a good idea to clean pots/trays with warm soapy water (or 10% bleach solution) between crops and generally keep your growing area tidy.
    • Crops that are grown to larger than baby green size will likely require fertilizing for best productivity; we recommend Evolve Organic All Purpose Fertilizer for our indoor gardens.

    Harvesting Tips:

    • Harvest leafy greens by up to 50% with each cut.
    • Use sharp scissors to cut your greens - this helps plants regrow more quickly after harvest.
    • The beauty of growing your own baby greens is that you can harvest just what you need when you need it!

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