Winter Greens Seeds - Chard, Rainbow Mix OG (SGH)

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Pack Size: 3g (~270 seeds.) Grow up to two 11 x 11" trays from each pack. 

Description: Organic seeds for growing baby greens indoors through winter. 'Improved Rainbow' lives up to its name with striking red, white, gold, pink and yellow foliage.

Chard is a nutritious green that adds earthy goodness to your meals. The upright growth makes harvesting easy, and 'Improved Rainbow' is sure to add a splash to your dinner table.

Easy steps for growing Chard greens indoors through winter:

  • Chard grows most productively under full spectrum (6400K) grow lights. We recommend Sunblaster T5 lighting. Grow lights should be maintained 6 - 12” above plant tops and should be on 16 - 18 hours per day.
  • During the months where daylight-hours are low Chard requires full-spectrum lights to grow productively. 
  • Chard grows very well in shallow containers with drainage. We often use 11 x 11” or 10 x 20” trays. Other ideas include recycled clam shells from store-bought greens or recycled flower pots.
  • For completely easy baby greens use a composty soil. We use an organic potting mix blended with Sea Soil compost at a 60 / 40 ratio. By building in high-quality compost you can avoid any need for additional fertilizing.
  • Chard takes 5 - 7 days to germinate. The ideal temperature for germination is 10 - 21º C; bottom heat will speed up germination and encourage faster seedling development. In general, chard thrives where air temperatures are cool; combining mild bottom heat and cool air temperatures is a perfect combo for robust greens.
  • Wet your soil medium before sowing then sprinkle seeds onto soil surface at approximately 100 seeds per 11 x 11” tray. Press seeds gently into soil surface and spritz (or carefully water) to fully moisten.
  • Check on seeds every few days to notice when they are starting to germinate. Maintain soil moisture without allowing the mix to be soggy.
  • Chard will grow as a baby green for approximately six weeks before a new crop needs to take over. Sow new trays every 2 - 4 weeks to keep a constant supply.

    Additional Tips:

    • Great air circulation around your indoor garden makes everything better! If you are growing lots of plants indoors consider adding a small fan to your set-up.
    • If using humidity domes over your trays: be sure to leave these off for at least one hour per day to allow for air circulation.
    • Pests rarely occur on baby greens but it is a good idea to clean pots/trays with warm soapy water (or 10% bleach solution) between crops and generally keep your growing area tidy.
    • Crops that are grown to larger than baby green size will likely require fertilizing for best productivity; we recommend Evolve Organic All-Purpose Fertilizer for our indoor gardens.

    Harvesting Tips:

    • Harvest leafy greens by up to 50% with each cut.
    • Use sharp scissors to cut your greens - this helps plants regrow more quickly after harvest.
    • The beauty of growing your own baby greens is that you can harvest just what you need when you need it!

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