Jewel Orchid - Live Plant

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  • Jewel Orchid - Live Plant
  • Jewel Orchid - Live Plant
  • Jewel Orchid - Live Plant
  • Jewel Orchid - Live Plant
  • Jewel Orchid - Live Plant
  • Jewel Orchid - Live Plant
  • Jewel Orchid - Live Plant
  • Jewel Orchid - Live Plant
  • Jewel Orchid - Live Plant

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The best thing about these plants is... their rich, multicoloured leaves that actually glisten in the light!

We have eight varieties of Jewel Orchids available for our Wednesday, December 9 plant release. Choose your variety (or varieties) from the drop-down menu. Link goes live at 10 am CT.  No purchasing limits for this week. 

Details: The Jewel Orchid is a one of a kind plant, unlike any other Orchid you might grow in your home. The foliage is the feature of this plant, with beautiful variegation and veins that literally glisten as if glided on some of the varieties! Others have intensely dark foliage.

Grow in sphagnum moss and let the top few inches dry out in between watering. Avoid harsh sunlight. An ideal location for the Jewel Orchid would be a north-facing window. Grows slowly but surely. Keys to success: patience, a warm location, excellent balance between hydration of the growing media and excellent aeration and avoiding intense direct sun. Do not repot until bursting into the current container size as the roots are very fine initially. 

We have eight different species/varieties of Jewel Orchid available for our Wednesday release. Choose yours from the drop-down menu near the cart button. 

 Varieties available

Ludisia discolor

Macodes peyola Thaliand x Sarawak

Ludisia discolor var. alba

Macodes sanderiana x petola

Anoectochilus formosanus

Gooyera hachijoensis Yatabe var. Matsumura

Anoectochilus koshunesnsis x A. slamensis x 'White Center'

Macodes petola

 Container Size: The plants pictured here were photographed December 8, 2020, and are representative of the available plants. Jewel Orchids are quite small as young plants - these are in 2" pots.

Order Info: Order online or over the phone (204-257-2715) for local pick-up. Order links go live at 10 am, Wednesday, December 9, 2020. Several varieties (Ludisia discolor & Macodes petola) we have 15 - 30 plants; others we have 5 - 6 available. 

No shipping. 

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