January Pick-Me-Up #2 - Seed Project!


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At the best of times, January can be an in-betweener-time for gardeners, with most seed-starting still a month or two away and outdoor gardens a daydream at this point. January can also be a time when we need planting projects the most, as many struggle with the effects of winter darkness and cold weather fatigue. Further complicating life at the moment is the surge in COVID-related concerns that have caused unexpected uncertainty as we start 2022. So, at Sage Garden, we thought we would create some fun projects that can work in just about any indoor setting with natural daylight, even in January. Each week through January 2022 we will introduce a new one. This is the second in the series (first is here).

This kit is perfect for anyone who: loves plants, has started seeds in the past or never started them before but is thinking about doing so, or anyone needing to see something green and growing this January! 

What this is all about: Our focus this time is on observing the various conditions that influence seed germination, and possibly finding ways to overcome germination challenges you have experienced in the past. Side benefits include learning about germination testing (perfect if you have older seed packs on hand) and also noticing how seeds move forward very reliably when some basic conditions are met - perhaps helpful as a human self-reflection during times of uncertainty. 

The project for week two includes:

  • Two reusable petri dishes with lids
  • Filter paper for petri dish germination
  • Three types of seeds to experiment with (basil, pepper and beans)
  • Three Jiffy pots to test in-soil germination
  • Organic seed starting soil for your Jiffy pots
  • Three plant markers to label your Jiffy pots

No additional special equipment is required and this project can be done in any indoor space. If you want to grow seedlings up beyond the experimentation stage, grow lights do help a lot (but for the purposes of January, this project is all about observing seed germination and not necessarily growing the plants further). Click the link below for the complete project overview. 

Our detailed project guide is here

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