January Pick-Me-Up


  • January Pick-Me-Up
  • January Pick-Me-Up
  • January Pick-Me-Up
  • January Pick-Me-Up
  • January Pick-Me-Up
  • January Pick-Me-Up

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At the best of times, January can be an in-betweener-time for gardeners, with most seed-starting still a month or two away and outdoor gardens a daydream at this point. January can also be a time when we need planting projects the most, as many struggle with the effects of winter darkness and cold weather fatigue. Further complicating life at the moment is the surge in COVID-related concerns that have caused unexpected uncertainty as we start 2022. So, at Sage Garden, we thought we would create some fun projects that can work in just about any indoor setting with natural daylight, even in January. Each week through January 2022 we will introduce a new one. 

This kit is perfect for anyone who: loves plants, wants something beautiful to grow indoors, needs some "plant therapy" or is curious about science and propagation... great for students who might benefit from something fun but also educational during periods of remote learning! 

The project for week one includes:

  • One 5" ceramic decor pot with drainage
  • A specially mixed organic succulent blend, ideal for rooting your cuttings
  • 1 good-sized leaf-cutting of Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi variegata
  • 1 sturdy stem cutting of Sedum 'Coppertone'
  • 1 adorable stem cutting of Burro's Tail
  • 1 Candy Snail decor shell, for accent (these are naturally this amazing, colourful pattern)

Now you get to have fun putting everything together! And remember, this project has been designed to be successful for just about any indoor space with natural daylight (of course, if you have grow lights, that is perfect too).

Detailed planting instructions are here

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