Live Plant - Ant Plant (Hydnophytum papuanum)

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Description: With a bulbous caudex that can reach up to 25 cm in width and fleshy succulent-like leaves, this house plant with a bonsai-like appearance makes for an appealing addition to your home!

This unique tropical house plant comes from Southeast Asia. The name of the Ant Plant originated from their unique symbiotic relationship with... you guessed it ants! In their native environment, certain species of ants make their home in the swollen base of this plant. Don't worry though, the North American ants you may find in your home won't be interested in nesting in this houseplant.

Another interesting feature about this plant is that it is an epiphytic plant, similar to an air plant or a staghorn fern. 

Botanical Name: Hydnophytum papuanum

Care: the soil needs to be constantly damp (not wet), so check if the medium is dry once a week to ensure this. This plant can grow in low to medium light, but enjoys bright indirect light the most (no direct sunlight). Very little fertilizer is needed for the slow-growing variety, but some All-Purpose in spring or summer is good to promote faster growth.

Zone: 10

Height: 2' 

Exposure: Low to bright indirect light

Container Size: 4" round

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