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IMPORTANT #1: We are holding off on taking new online or phone orders for live plants, instead focusing on letting customers choose their plants in person as they become available. The only exceptions may be for several of the rarest items which are in limited quantities (in which case we will let everyone know ahead of time via IG and FB when ordering will be available). 

IMPORTANT #2: Outside of existing orders, we are pausing plant shipping. We look forward to offering these plants locally, direct from our garden centre in Winnipeg. 

Each Wednesday at 10 am we release a new rare houseplant at the greenhouse. We usually have 20 - 40 of whatever we are releasing so they often get snapped up quickly... as in the same day! These plants are available locally only, and with no pre-ordering/reserving remotely. Check out our IG and FB feeds on Tuesday afternoons to see what is coming up. 

Shipping charges on existing orders are in addition to the cost of the plants. We do not charge any mark-ups on shipping but do have to cover the cost of shipping...