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IMPORTANT #1: We are holding off on taking new orders for tropicals until all existing orders are shipped. 

IMPORTANT #2: After running into serious problems with Canada Post parcel delays we are going to ship FedEx for the rest of this spring. The only exceptions are for plants that are extra sturdy and for destinations where FedEx charges are impractical. We are calling customers ahead of shipping to discuss (if we do not hear back from you we will make the decision; please call us back at our main phone number 204-257-2715 during business hours). On average shipping costs are $6 - $15 more with FedEx, but they have been consistent in terms of delivery times. We document all plants for specific orders at the time of shipping by photographing them.

IMPORTANT #3: Outside of existing orders, we are pausing plant shipping. We look forward to offering these plants locally, direct from our garden centre in Winnipeg. We will revisit the possibility of plant shipping once again in the fall. 

Shipping charges on existing orders are in addition to the cost of the plants - in some cases our check-out system does a poor job of identifying the appropriate shipping rate (may say $0.00 or local pick-up - free); shipping is generally between $22 - $30 with FedEx Ground.