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Need a plant fix? Sage Garden has selected some of our favourite houseplants currently available to offer via remote ordering with local curbside pickup during the Manitoba lockdown. Ordering and updated listings just about complete (November 14). 

Each Wednesday at 10 am we release a new rare houseplant at We usually have 20 - 40 of whatever we are releasing so they often get snapped up quickly... as in the same day! Fridays at 10 am we also release a series of limit edition plants; these are usually items we have just 1 - 4 available... and sell out even faster. These plants are available locally only, and with no pre-ordering/reserving remotely other than on the respective release times. Check out our IG and FB feeds on Tuesday and Thursday evenings to see what is coming up. 

Please note that we are no longer shipping plants - all orders are for local pickup only.