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Please note: The Dutch growers raising our organic flower bulbs have experienced crop shortages and other challenges this season. As a result we have had to cancel this program for 2016. We are committed to bringing quality organic products to our customers; for all the reasons we have chosen to offer organic flower bulbs will not be substituting with non-organic bulbs. We do look forward to the return of organic flower bulbs in 2017. 

Certified Organic Bulbs: 

Sage Garden is one of the only sources in Canada for certified organic flower bulbs. Our flower bulbs are GMO and neonic-free, and have been grown using sustainable horticultural methods. Our top-quality Holland bulbs are every bit as showy and strong as conventionally grown product, but with the eco-friendly assurance that comes with organic certification. This is what green gardening is all about! 

Flower bulbs are planted as weather cools off in early October through the end of October (they should not be planted earlier, as this can cause fall shoots that lead to winter damage). The bulbs will be available in-store around mid-September, at which time pre-orders will also be available to customers.