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Check here each Friday at 10 am to see what limited edition rare plants are available each week! These are selections that we have in smaller quantities compared to our Wednesday releases and are only available for purchase on-line (local pick-up / no shipping). All plants listed here are individually photographed so you can see exactly the plant you are purchasing. 

Please note: to ensure full and fair opportunity for everyone, any orders that are added to cart before 10 am Friday (normally blocked, but glitches can happen!) will be cancelled and refunded in full. 

Shopify carts will not allow check-out of any item that goes out of stock while a customer is working through the checkout. This is so that items do not sit in carts for prolonged periods without order completion... which would lead to its own kind of frustrations (imagine if rare items were on hold in various carts for up to 24 hours, as some systems allow!). For fastest checkout, consider registering as a web customer before Friday morning and select "local pick-up" as your fulfilment option. 

We are here to help if you have questions. Please be respectful when interacting with our staff; they cannot change the fact that rare items sell out nearly instantly, which we know is frustrating.  However, swearing, yelling or other forms of disrespectful behaviour will lead to being blocked from future purchasing. Thank you. 

Be sure to choose the exact plant you want (labelled A, B, C etc) from the listing menus.